These are not magic tricks.

These are not illusions.

For over 14 years, Andrew Sharp has been dazzling audiences with his genuinely dangerous, visually stunning, and hilarious daredevil stunts, dropping jaws on both coasts and causing more than a few heart palpitations.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Stunt Performance

My name is Andrew Sharp (also known as the Prince of Pain), a professionally trained actor and magician who went rogue at a young age to become a stunt entertainer. I’ve dedicated my career to performing amazing feats without trickery and showing others that, through study, practice, and a willingness to face our fears, we can achieve the impossible.

This is more than just entertainment. I eschew the grotesque “shock show” aesthetic of yesteryear to bring audiences a hilarious edge-of-your-seat theatrical experience designed to both edify and entertain. In addition to clean comedy and fascinating facts, each performance showcases feats of strength, extreme physical conditioning, and a level of absurdity that will leave people gasping and laughing at the same time — an experience one never forgets.

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